by anders pearson Sun 05 Dec 2004 23:00:05

mostly a study to see what i could do with just white and prussian blue paints on my pallette. as usual, the photography sucks. the whole background of the painting is a nice flat white in person…

TAGS: art paintings


Nice. Really. I respond to this, and not in some pathetic way either... so don't think it, Emile. "whack-ass"

No really though, Anders. I really like some of your paintings very much.

i'ma respond to /you/ you spicy little kimchi.

If you really think your paintings suck... why the hell do you place them on a website! Sounds more like you are craving for people saying... oh no it's inspiring and refreshingly different! In fact this is what it is.. so stop that false modesty!

All the best with your art work


Sorry...I've just seen you meant the picture you've taken from the painting...

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