by anders pearson Mon 08 Aug 2005 23:50:00

fast, rough little painting

TAGS: art painting


It looks like it's melting. The color of the sky is interesting. It also looks like a phantom of the opera mask, or some dude with a raggedy cape walking into the darkness in the lower right corner. AH... I did not catch that it was on paper instead of canvas. I was going to say, the texture looked different. Now I see why. Do you prefer acrylic or oil?

i definitely prefer oils, but i just felt in the mood to do something quick and dirty and didn't feel like dealing with the mess and hassle of oils (there's always a 20 minute clean up job afterwards just to clean the brushes).

the weird texture is because the paper i was painting on was nowhere near as thick and heavy as it should be for painting (it was all i had on hand) so the water in the paints made it curl and wrinkle. i sandwiched the painting under some heavy books overnight and it's a little smoother today.

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