I miss hanging out here. But I don’t know what got me off the rhythm. Perhaps I could change it. Hmmm… I think this place is one where I feel I have to a) be smart and b) be witty. LJ has neither requirements.


<p>Happy halloween.</p>

Interesting thraxil inconsistencies. leaves me with a blank page. And when I uploaded an image, a) it uploaded and then gave me an error that the .jpg was not in the right file format. Then when I tried to upload it again, it said that I uploaded it already.

<p>And I can&#8217;t find where the picture was uploaded to. Hmmm&#8230;</p>

Moving beyond montana

Ok, it is done. I just singed up for an account with for only $99/yr with shell access and all major food groups. may be offline or wierd for the next couple of days… I hope that that’s enough for Thraxil… Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

<p>Telnet/SSH Access</p>

<p><span class="caps">CGI</span>-Bin, Perl 5.005    </p>

<p>ChiliSoft <span class="caps">ASP</span>  </p>

<p><span class="caps">PHP</span> 3  </p>

<p><span class="caps">PHP</span> 4  </p>

<p>Server Side Includes (.shtml)</p>

<p>MySQL 3.23   </p>

<p>InterBase 6 <span class="caps">SQL</span>    </p>

<p>Postgres <span class="caps">SQL</span></p>
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I might be moving to Montana soon...

Gonna be a mental toss flycoon.

<p>Ya, moving, soon, I hope, my web hosting. I&#8217;ve had a wonderful time with my support team,but it is time to become the total control freak that I am. I found a place, just a little place off the beaten track (<a href=""></p>

<p></a>) that will mean that I can do what I want without causing any problems, which I don&#8217;t want to do any more than necessary. But it is usually necessary&#8230; And necessity is the Mothers of Invention [sic].</p>

<p>And the goal: to <span class="caps">THRAXILATE</span>!</p>

<p>Existence is Purile!</p>

<p>You will be misthraxilated.</p>
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Yobity Bla Wa Waaaa...

Nothing much, nothing special. Motivated by testing. I’m playing with NS7PR1, donchaknow. I thought it would be the nice thing to do seeing that I have started using MZ as my main squeeze.

<p>It is nice. The screen looks better, less fuzziness. More crisp if possible. It does some slightly strange things to thraxil, but you don&#8217;t need to know that&#8230; I&#8217;m using <span class="caps">SOX</span>, which is a Mac implimentation for dyslexics. But it&#8217;s <span class="caps">NOT</span> <span class="caps">OATMEAL</span>! The only thing that I think will keep me from using it regularly is that it wants to register me. I don&#8217;t like it. But I guess I could change my name to Mille Thraxil or something.</p>
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Would that it were so

One of the banes of my existence… sand fleas in august are the collective other one… is that I try and keep multiple journals. Some are easy… the paper one in my little book. The poetry blog is slightly better… there are only 2 on sarahsmiles, one on my computer and 5 livejournal groups. You get the picture. What would be coolest, and I’m working on it elsewhere, would be the following… and I’m talking to Anders(Redux)… there’s a form field in settings where we can specify a URL. And that url would server to suck into Thraxil our external blog and dump it in a css/dhtml layer. Someone said I might be able to do it with an iFrame tag. But I forgot what iframes were called until this second.

<p>Even more cooler, a new form of whine cooler, would be to have thraxil tags you could put in outher page what would only include the info from that page within the tags&#8230; like just the content.</p>

<p>Hmmm&#8230; there&#8217;s thinking going on here. Maybe I can do some of this without the whine.</p>

Dreaming of You

I had a dream about Thraxil last night. It is my first dream about anything online, and I hope it never happens again. Luckily I forgot most of it… but there was an Anders-type and a Lani-type, and I guess a Tuck and Emile or two. We were in New York. I’ve never been to New York… and it was more like New York meets Gotham City meets a glass and marble shopping mall designer’s wet dream. And we were going to a party, and we were all in a very large washroom ‘freshing up’, and psyching ourselves up. I’m used to co-ed washrooms. Then we went up to the party. I woke up realizing I had to take a pee.

<p>The question is why I would think it was New York, and full of Thraxilites&#8230; but I did. Everyone even talked like they do, in my mind. Though I&#8217;d never thought of that either. I think it was in New York because Anders was being cocky like Sienfeld (which I&#8217;ve never seen an epsiode of) and Lani sounded like &#8220;The Nanny&#8221; which is as popular in France as Jerry Lewis was, I think.</p>

<p>I hope this wierds you out less than it did me.</p>

Cooking with Lani on LJ

Question. Why do I feel more comfortable talking with Lani on LJ than here? Why do I find Thraxil, which is cooler than LJ by a mile, and soemthing I’m dying for as one of my own, more intimidating? Why am I more scared of looking like an idiot here? I can look like an idiot anywhere. It must be me. I’ll resolve to be more of an idiot everywhere… and find happiness that way.

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100 in 100

Dear Diary;

<p>I don&#8217;t say much these days. And not too much otheer times&#8230; but I&#8217;ve been busy. I just finished 100 poems in 100 days on <a href="">Sarah Smiles&#8217; LiveJournal</a>. It was great to do them on LJ because there were so many people cheering eachother on. Now I&#8217;m tired and wondering what to do next.</p>

<p>Just thought I&#8217;d share.</p>
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Poem in the place of content.

No need to comment on the poetics, it is just the closest thing to a diary entry I could imagine… and it is datestamped… at least in my mind.

<p>The Persephone Year</p>

<p>The Persephone year, my trap</p>

<p>of endless night broken</p>

<p>by days of dark slumber,</p>

<p>never returns</p>

<p>me to a morning </p>

<p>spring of bright delight.</p>

<p>Seven bloody seeds stain</p>

<p>my lips and my soul,</p>

<p>etched with the smoke</p>

<p>memory of their lives.</p>

<p>Seven songs play on my tongue</p>

<p>and I am left to siren</p>

<p>their memories in the place of my own.</p>